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The Radio YOUR FM is the well known radio station situated at the location of Manama, Bahrain. YOUR FM 104.2 is Bahrain’s top quality and only stereo located serving the Oriental audience. Its main purpose is to provide infotainment to its fans in the location and beyond. It is lead by a group of experts. FM Your instructs a powerful place in the marketplace due to its personality and exclusivity. It airs 24×7 times all year round with special applications all through the day. It is a separate place interesting in Bahrain and Southern region of Saudi Arabic. The route provides the public with a wide range of development sections. With the everyday beams of 20 time of Hindi programming, 4 time of Malayalam programming it just keeps the audience and fans entertained. Now it’s an interesting thing to know that why does team selected the radio for business so it has progressed into a powerful product offering an exclusive combination of songs, enjoyment and details throughout the day. The channel’s wide listener-ship provides a powerful system to the promoters who are progressively trying to go through into the consumer mind and make use of their retail store techniques.

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