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Listen Radio Classic 105 FM Kenya Live Online Streaming from Nairobi City, Radio Classic Kenya additionally furnishes its worldwide gathering of people with different music projects and learning projects over 105 frequency in the whole city of Nairobi. FM Classic now shows more than 600 hours of programming far and wide consistently. The channel is covering a worldwide populace of almost 3 billion. Offers on Urban African road life that makes a bigger point, perception or remark on the general public in which these lives are played out. Team gives knowledge and connection, however not to judge. Classic 105 Kenya is featuring news from the point of views of, and impact on, the individuals who rely on upon the casual economy as a profession, i.e. those near to the avenues. As such, a more finish picture of urban slums/ghettos and its occupants than the persistent wretchedness typically broadcasted in standard media of this channel.

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