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Gambia Radio GRTS 91.4

Gambia Radio GRTS is The Gambia’s 91.4 just open administration supporter. In December 1995 the Government charged the Gambia Radio station. Under the control of Gambia Telecommunications Company (Gamtel) it is performing test transmissions from a 5kw transmitter arranged at Abuko covering for the Greater Banjul Area. Several transmitting shows are being broadcast at the towns of Bansang and Soma inland to attain national FM scope. In spite of these prior endeavors a few ranges of The Gambia, specifically the up-waterway districts still stay outside the airing extent. Since the snippet of its charging, Gambia Radio GRTS91.4 has worked as an open administration station in the custom of the more established created Radio Gambia. Most of the projects are committed to a news, open administration reports, instruction, amusement and religious projects.

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