Ghana Radio Stations

Luv 99.5 FM Ghana

Radio Luv Ghana is listens by various enthusiasts of music and social colleagues who take after the media in Ghana all upon the recurrence of 99.5.Luv FM Kumasi is the main channel which is transmitting the television shows of superstars and open figures/ pioneers news media is more frequently and offering the stories of people’s lives for unadulterated viewer reaction and diversion. DJ’s of the channel Luv FM 99.5 is more fixates being put on veritable stories with informative imperativeness behind them which unwind the beguiling the audience members. RJ’s move in a propelled thought considered the’s first experience with the world with more up to date time of music. Media outlets of Luv FM 99.5 Ghana are by and large use on-air characters for their open captivate progress the framework’s theories.

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