Palestine Radio

Radio Hayat 100.8 FM

Listen Radio Hayat 100.8 FM Nablus Live Online, Radio Hayat is one with the recurrence of 100.8 FM Channel considered the first most power full stimulating channel as per the crowd of Nablus, Palestinian Territory. Hayat FM is absolutely meeting expectations basically for the needs of the clients and the aficionados of the music with the contemplations and progress. Inside a brief time anchors and in addition DJ’s and the RJ’s gathered the get-together of sudden occurrences in the area, and when everybody expected cautioned or something else, it welcomed to appreciate that occasion. FM Hayat 100.8 with the variety of genres guarantees that the president, authorities and distinctive characters have wound up a bit of its shows in the nation. The FM Hayat passes on and pushes music which incorporates about 40% of the music play list.

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