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Smile FM is one of the most popular radios located at the location of Cape Town, South Africa. Smile FM is an adult contemporary stereo station, broadcasting a mix of music and talk, in British and Zulu, to the Cape Metro pole and surrounding greater Town area Grin Smile FM is completely possessed by Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd and co-chaired by renowned movie manufacturer who also seats Town Film Companies. Co-chairperson, Dr Paul Messina is a respected company leader with an educational background. Dr Messina seats among others systems. Historically Disadvantaged Individuals keep 88.7% of the shareholding. The investors have important press, entertainment and company experience with a deep understanding of the stereo industry. Day to day operating of this station is handled by Position Management, which lies in the hands of the station manager, assisted by an administrator/finance manager. Reporting to them are the heads of department for Programming, News, Technical and Promotion. The HOD’s have several employees who operate under their direction.

If you want to get more info about Channel then visit the Official Website of the station, Please wait for few second while the streaming load automatically.
Here you can also Listen The Voice of the Cape.

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